Alternative Rentals

Assisted Houseboat Rental

Enjoy the Mississippi with Less Responsibility and Less Work


What is Assisted Houseboat Rental?  Assisted by us, you and your rental houseboat will be piloted to a beach where the houseboat is anchored and remains stationary for the duration of your trip.The houseboat, all of its equipment and amenities are ready for your use.  We also assist you in returning to home port at the end of your stay.  Size of your group will dictate the model of houseboat.

For an additional fee, you can rent a fishing or pontoon boat from S&S if you want to cruise the river. 



$500 per night for 2 persons        21419482219_61c5910113_o

$800 per night for 4 persons

$100 per night for each additional  person over 4

Children 14 and under are free


Rental term:

Summer season – 2 night minimum

Spring/Fall season – 1 night minimum





Dock Side Houseboat Lodging
You stay at our dock on a luxury houseboat. You can use the houseboat water slide, fish, swim, bird-watch, & watch the sunrise all at our dock.

  • $125 Per night based upon an occupancy of 2 people
  • $200 Per night based upon an occupancy of 4 people
    $25 Per night, per person for extra people
  • Children 14 and under stay for free.


Combo a Pontoon Boat Rental with a Lodging

  • 2 Nights lodging with a full day Pontoon Rental
  • $650 Based upon an occupancy of 4 people