Pontoon Boats




In addition to our popular houseboats, S&S also has pontoon boats, fishing boats, stand up paddle boards and kayaks available for rent. These boats have a much shallower depth and can explore the backwater areas of the river that our houseboats can’t.

S&S offers 2 sizes of pontoon boats for rent:

 24’ Pontoon boat with a maximum capacity of 10 people5393438_0_230920151647_1

                                Rental time                                       Price

Full day                8:00 AM- 5:00 PM                               $325      

Half Day               4 hours or less                                     $250


NEW FOR 2017

24’ Tritoon Pontoon with a maximum capacity of 13 people

                                Rental time                                     Price

Full day                 8:00 AM- 5:00 PM                            $400

Half day                4 hours or less                                  $325

 *Prices do not include 7% sales tax and fuel/oil expense.

All one-day or half-day rentals must be returned by 5:00 PM

Rentals require a credit card.

Boat Rental procedures and Regulations:

Security deposit Info: A $500 security deposit is charged to your card prior to departure and will be refunded upon return of your boat. If damage is found, your security deposit will be used as immediate payment towards those damages. Should the damage caused  exceed the security deposit, the customer is responsible for the immediate full payment of the damages claimed by S&S Rentals. The cost of the damages will be determined at the sole discretion of S&S Rentals and payment is due and payable immediately by the customer.

Rental requiremnets: 

A 2 day notice is required to cancel a reservation. If less than 2 days notice is given, you credit card will be charged for your rental.If the weather is inclement, as agreed upon with S&S Rentals, the reservation may be cancelled without penalty.

Rental agreements: All watercraft are full of gas when you leave and will be refueled upon your return. You will be charged for the gasoline and oil used. Rental prices quoted do not include gasoline, oil or sales tax.

There will be no refunds for early returns or late departures. Sorry

All boats are required to stay in this pool. You are not allowed to “lock through”. All rentals are to be returned at agreed upon time or a charge of $100 per hour will be assessed for a late fee. Charged at 15 minute increments.

Any boat reported or observed operating in an unsafe manner, will result in forfeiture of security deposit and rental fee!

Do I have to have a boating license to rent a boat?

In Iowa – you do not need a boating license to rent a boat, but you must have a valid driver’s license.You must be 21 to sign the rental contract.

Are there life jackets on board? Anchors? Fire extinguishers?

Yes – each boat is equipped with all items required by law to be legal on the river, including life jackets for the capacity of the boat. There is an anchor and line on each boat as well.

I will have children with me. Do they have to wear life jackets, and do I need to bring them?

Children under age 13 in Iowa and age 12 in Wisconsin must wear a vest at all times while on the water, whether the boat is docked, anchored, or in motion.

We have a small stock of children’s vests, but we recommend bringing jackets/vests for your children if they have them. This will ensure a proper fit.

Are children counted as 1 person on boat capacity?

Yes – the listed boat capacity is for all people, regardless of age. 

Can I bring my pets?

You may bring your pet. However if there is extra cleaning needed upon your return, there will be a charge.

Are there bathrooms on board?

No – none of our pontoon boats are equipped with either bathrooms or porta-potties. 

Is there a refrigerator on board? Can I bring coolers, snacks, drinks, etc?

None of our pontoon boats are equipped with refrigerators but you are welcome to bring coolers. Snacks and drinks are encouraged! 

Can we have alcohol on board?

Yes – alcohol is allowed on the boat and may be consumed while underway but you must follow state & national alcohol consumption guidelines. You can get ticketed and/or arrested on the water for OWI (operating while intoxicated) with a BAC of .08 or higher. *Glass is not allowed on shore.


Are your boats wheelchair-accessible?

Sometimes – the layouts for our boats do make them wheelchair accessible, but it depends on the width of your individual chair, and will affect the total boat capacity due to the chair weight. We also have the ability to move the pickup location in our marina to an easier access point. Please let us know at the time of reservation if you are looking for an accessible boat and we will work with you to determine the best boat. 




 Fishing Boats 

 2015-06-30 11.46.12


18’ Bass Tracker model 

                                Rental time                                   Price

Full day                 8:00 AM- 5:00 PM                            $150      

Half Day               4 hours                                              $100


*Prices do not include 7% sales tax and fuel/oil expense.

All one-day or half-day rentals must be returned by 5:00 PM

Rentals require a credit card.

Our fishing boats and pontoon boats are not allowed to ‘Lock through”. You are required to boat in this “pool”.